ZFS, which means Z File System, is a cutting-edge file system that offers better performance for Internet sites and online apps. One of its serious advantages is the real-time checksum comparison - each file includes a checksum, or a digital fingerprint, and ZFS compares the checksums of all the files between the several hard drives functioning together in a RAID. If any file is corrupted for some reason on one of the hard drives, it is repaired from another drive with the correct checksum. This way, the integrity of any file stored on a web server is guaranteed at all times. ZFS also operates faster than other file systems, that permits backups to be generated much faster and without slowing down the general performance of the whole server. In addition, ZFS does not have a restriction for the total amount of files that could be stored on a server while all other file systems have some limit that might cause issues eventually, particularly for script applications that have a large number of files.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Cloud Web Hosting

If you opt to host your Internet sites within a cloud web hosting account from our company, you'll experience the advantages of the ZFS file system first-hand because we use it on all web servers that are a part of our innovative cloud platform. Your files, email messages and databases shall be stored on machines that use solid state drives and plenty of physical memory that makes it easy to leverage the full potential of the ZFS file system. Because backups are created considerably quicker, we'll keep four copies of all your content every day, so if you delete a file or some update ruins your site, you can easily recover everything the way it was via the browsable backups which are available in your CP. In the event of a server failure, it will take just a few seconds to switch to a backup hosting server and by using the ZFS system, we ensure that the new server shall have the newest copy of your site and that none of your files will be damaged. Our ZFS-powered web hosting solutions shall give you the speed, stability and security which you want for your websites.