Mailing list subscribers are individuals that get mass email messages, including weekly/monthly newsletters. Depending on the mailing list client app that is used to manage a given mailing list, they may have joined personally, giving their explicit consent to be part of the mailing list, or they may have been included manually. The latter suggests that they will pratictically get unsolicited email messages. Basically, subscribers can be managed by the mailing list admin who can add or remove them, or they can unsubscribe manually if they do not want to receive messages from now on. All subscribers will invariably get one and the same content provided that they belong to the same mailing list, but a single subscriber will never be able to see the other mailing list subscribers in the "To" section of the email message.

Mailing List Members in Cloud Web Hosting

If you have a cloud web hosting on our cutting-edge cloud hosting platform, you’ll be able to create electronic mailing lists and to manage their members seamlessly. We use a powerful app called Majordomo, which includes loads of options and it is not a surprise that it’s among the most widely used mailing list management software apps out there. Including or deleting a mailing list member is rather easy – you just have to send an email with a certain command in the message body to, which implies that you won’t even need to log into the Hepsia Control Panel. In the exact same way, you can also see all active members of any mailing list that you set up. Should you chance upon any problems, you can check the instructional articles that we have added in the Email Manager section of the hosting Control Panel or you can get in touch with our tech support team, which is available 24/7.