When an active domain expires, it could still be renewed by the present owner for about sixty days after the expiration and although it won't be active, it cannot be taken by someone else. In case the domain is not renewed by then, however, it goes into a 5-day deletion period and subsequently it is released to the public. Throughout the deletion period everyone could send a backorder for the domain through an ICANN-licensed registrar and the company will use its registry channel in order to try to register the domain for the user once it is available. As lots of registrars may attempt to get a given domain and names are acquired on first-come, first-serve basis, there is no guarantee that employing such an automated service will give you ownership over it, but this is the best way to get an appealing domain name because trying to register it manually almost certainly means that you will be far too late.

Domain Backorder in Cloud Web Hosting

As we work with an ICANN-licensed company, we provide domain backorders with all cloud web hosting packages, so you won't need to register for a separate account. An individual section in your Hepsia internet hosting Control Panel will allow you to browse all domain names which will be erased in the next days and we have added several filters which will allow you to narrow the search. You'll be able to enter any word or phrase, specify the minimum and maximum number of characters, select a specific deletion date or choose the extensions which should be viewable. Employing the filters will save you efforts and time and when you come across a domain name that you want to have, you will be able to place your order for it with a mouse click. In case we're unable to register the selected name, you won't lose the money you have paid us and you'll be able to order other domains with it - new registrations or backorders.